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One of most important work is to reach next 3 billion by providing primary healthcare access and strengthen supply chain at costs in which real markets operates without any frills or subsidies. Our mission is to make difference by offering new knowledge & innovative products to save lives and in turn improving their lives.


World with knowledge to practice for saving life


Behavior change with use of innovative products to save life


Our core values are people focus, integrity, transparency & respect for all.


Home Remedies is a first for the healthcare industry in India, which has typically focused last mile people. Our strategies based on 4A; awareness, availability, acceptability and adaptability

  • Awareness: relationship between the knowledge needed & knowledge provided
  • Availability: relationship between the type and quality of product needed & the type and quality of product provided
  • Acceptability: relationship between user’s attitude and expectation
  • Adaptability: knowledge & product are adapted

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